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10 Benefits Of Joining Empower Arts

Updated: Jan 25

Young Boy On Stage Performing

Unleash your creativity and passion for performance with Empower Arts, where we help children to become their most powerful versions of themselves! Join us on a transformative journey as we reveal 10 compelling reasons why Empower Arts is the perfect community for young performers. From building confidence to creating lasting connections, discover a world where your child not only thrives but takes centre stage. Embrace the power of theatre with Empower Arts and let their imagination soar to new heights!

1. Building Confidence: 🌈

Drama empowers children to step out of their comfort zones and express themselves with confidence. Through various activities, they learn to trust their instincts and develop a strong sense of self-assurance.

2. Enhancing Communication Skills: 🗣️

Effective communication is a vital life skill. In our drama classes, kids practice articulating thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Whether it's delivering lines, improvising, or participating in group discussions, they refine their communication abilities in a supportive environment.

3. Cultivating Creativity: 🎨

Imagination takes centre stage in our drama classes. From creating characters to improvising scenes, children explore the boundless realms of creativity. This not only sparks a love for storytelling but also fosters innovative thinking that extends beyond the drama class.

4. Developing Empathy: ❤️

Drama encourages children to step into the shoes of others. Through role-playing and understanding diverse characters, kids develop empathy and a deeper understanding of different perspectives. This valuable skill nurtures compassion and kindness.

5. Fostering Teamwork: 👫

Drama is a collaborative art form. Our classes emphasise teamwork, where kids work together to create scenes and performances. This promotes a sense of unity, cooperation, and shared achievement.

6. Boosting Concentration and Focus: 🧠

Engaging in drama activities requires active listening, quick thinking, and sustained focus. These skills not only benefit your child's performance in drama class but also contribute to improved concentration in other aspects of their academic and personal life.

7. Celebrating Diversity: 🌍

Our drama classes are inclusive and celebrate diversity. Children from various backgrounds come together to share their unique stories, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among the young performers.

8.  Building Independence 🚀

  With our classes for ages 8-12 years children create their own shows which gives them a sense of independence and in turn develops their creativity skills.

    In our class for ages 4-7 years the children work with the teacher inputting their ideas for their performances.   There is no audition process, so EVERYONE gets the chance to shine

9. Performances 🎭

Children take part in two shows a year:

•          A summer showcase: This is a paid event for the audiences which takes place on stage in another venue

•          Winter showcase: A small Christmas showcase performed to friends and family

These are all great ways for them to put together everything that they have been learning in class over the year to an invited audience

10. Awards 🏆

To celebrate our students hard work in class, children are awarded with Star Of The Week which is a teddy bear, scrap book and certificate - children get to take Super Bear home for a week recording all the adventures he's been taken on in a scrap book. At the end of the week, children bring it back to class to show their peers what they got up to.

Star Of The Term - at the end of term one student in each class is awarded Star Of The Term which is a certificate to celebrate achievements and progresses that was made in class

As we come to the end of our adventure in the magical world of Empower Arts, it's clear that this place isn't just any drama company—it's a magical world where art and fun come together! Empower Arts is like a big playground for your imagination, where you can make new friends, learn life skills, and be a part of something amazing.

Are you ready to join the Empower family or have some burning questions? Get in touch today | 07759092127 or head over to our website for more information on our classes

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