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Improving Your Child's Confidence

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

From birth, children learn new skills very quickly. Along with these new abilities, they also acquire the confidence to use them. As they grow older, they begin to realise that confidence can be as important as the new skills they’ve learnt. They need to be able to trust in their own capability whilst knowing that they can handle it if they aren’t successful at something. Children will develop healthy self confidence by experiencing mastery and rebounding from failure

How can parents help improve a child’s confidence?

  • Encourage curiosity

  • Treat mistakes as building blocks for learning

  • Model confidence yourself (even when you're not feeling it!)

  • Celebrate the excitement of learning

  • Applaud their courage to try something new

  • Praise them often

  • Tell them and show them that you love them often - giving your full on attention and quality time

Benefits: Confidence helps us feel ready for life’s experiences. When we’re confident we are more likely to seize opportunities. If things don’t work out, confidence will help us to try again.

Confidence Helps Us To:

  • Have increased levels of self belief and self esteem

  • Connect well with others

  • Feel more secure

  • Feel ready for everyday challenges

  • Know we can rely on our skills and strengths to deal with whatever life throws at us

Here are 8 activities you can do at home to help build your child's confidence:

  • Create A Jar Of Positive Affirmations - make it a habit to take out one positive affirmation a day and for both you and your child to repeat it back to yourselves. Simple phrases such as "you are confident" and "you are loved". A great way to do this is by saying it in the mirror.

  • Playing Board Games - This is a great way for family bonding and problem solving. Find a game where you are working together instead of against each other.

  • Acts Of Kindness - Doing things to help others, such as giving food to the homeless or helping a neighbour; friend at school. When we help others, we feel good about ourselves so this is a great way to build confidence!

  • Creative Learning - Getting materials together or painting/drawing whatever comes to their mind on a canvas, is a fabulous way for children to feel empowered as there are no wrong or right way to do it and they can make as many mistakes as they want. Children love feeling independent and this is a huge confidence booster.

  • Baking/Cooking - Learning a new skill is a fantastic way to build a child's confidence. Encourage them to learn new recipes often, whilst working together, soon they'll be confident enough to do it themselves and only need supervision. Measuring ingredients is a great way to improve their mathematical skills, it's great family bonding time and once their dish is ready, they'll appreciate all the effort that they made.

  • Yoga - It helps improve the well-being of children, helps them practice wellness, self love and great for posture and coordination.

  • Confidence building classes (extra-curricular activities) - signing your children up for activities such as sports, performing art classes, and any other clubs where they are able to socialise and meet others is a fantastic way to build up their self-esteem, they'll be learning new skills all while having fun!

  • Chore With A Purpose - Taking on a chores can feel like a huge responsibility for children. So why not have them pick out a special chore? This could be washing the dishes, or watering the plants. You can make it fun and enjoyable by putting on their favourite song. Giving them praises and compliments for the work throughout, will help your child feel a lot more positive and confident and perhaps want to take on more? It is a great way for children to learn the importance of keeping a space tidy.


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