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Benefits Of Starting Drama Young

From the age of 6 I was attending weekend performing art classes and performing musicals on stage, by 15 years I played the main character of Elphaba in Wicked, by 17 years old I attended an award-winning part time acting school performing lead characters on stage and on screen.

However, one thing I wished...was that I started drama classes earlier.

From the age of 2 years old, children are constantly using their imagination to figure out the world around them. This is the perfect age to nurture this through drama and role play.

Here are some benefits of drama in early years:

1. Social skills is the most fundamental thing in human behaviour. It will be difficult for us to communicate and form healthy relationships if we are lacking in this area. Drama is a great way to enhance this, especially before starting school. Through dramatic play, children are constantly asking questions and are encouraged to solve problems throughout the session. They are around other children playing and forming connections.

2. Allows kids the opportunity to make choices - Role play gives them a great sense of independence which will allow them to make easier decisions for themselves in the future, instead of relying on other opinions. Our preschool classes have lots of child-led elements whilst still following a structure which allows the children to feel comfortable and relaxed.

3. Being aware of their feelings - Pretend play helps little ones to navigate their emotions through different scenarios and characters. This gives them the opportunity to talk through how the characters may be feeling, which in turn helps them to be in touch with their own emotions.

4. Learning through play - Drama is a great way for toddlers to learn numbers, colours, shapes, weather and so much more through music and storytelling. It helps to make learning fun and is a great way for building muscle memory.

5. Physical development - We are constantly moving and playing, becoming different characters, objects and dressing up. Children have so much energy and drama is a great way for children to release steam. In turn, it helps them to build discipline and resilience, which they will need in everyday life.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate dramatic play at home or in a school setting:

  • Create a puppet show with socks - grab two different coloured socks and play puppets - This encourages imagination and creativity

  • Play dress up - grab some old clothes from around the house and dress up as different characters e.g. a blanket as a cape to become a superhero

  • Hang sheets on the windows and create an in-house theatre. Create your own stage using boxes and perform away!

  • Pretend you are at a restaurant using toy food and a kitchen or make food out of paper

  • Use an old box and foil to create a rocket ship. Dress up as an astronaut and away you go!


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