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Lamda Tuition

Available as a club or tuition

Empower Arts provides experienced and talented teachers to teach LAMDA classes to students in primary and secondary schools. Sessions can be delivered to groups or to individuals in a peripatetic manner.  The sessions are run during school hours and after school.  


We work with schools to organise a weekly block of classes. We fit around your school timetable in order to offer students 30-60 minute classes during break time, lunchtime or in place of regular classes.

Group classes can run between 30-90 minutes and can be delivered to a maximum number of 12 students at one time.  Group sessions can be delivered during the school day, before school, after school or during lunch time.


Our teachers are practised in working with children of all age groups. They are DBS-checked and trained in First Aid.

During our one hour LAMDA club and peripatetic sessions, Empower Arts prepares students for one of the following LAMDA Exams:


Speaking Verse and Prose

Public Speaking

Reading for Performance

We recommend LAMDA Exam classes to primary students who:

  • struggle with confidence

  • need to work on their English

  • have a gift for drama


We recommend LAMDA Exam classes to secondary students who:

  • are keen actors and want to polish their performance skills

  • love drama but do not necessarily want to take a drama GCSE or A Level

  • are less likely to gain high grades in mainstream subjects and want to increase their chances of getting a good college or university place. LAMDA Exams gain UCAS points.

  • perform well academically but need to improve self-presentation skills and gain confidence at speaking in public. Presenting work in seminars is an increasingly important component of university education.


Our son has been attending for quite some time (previously in toddler range class), and he’s loving these classes. His confidence has boosted, he’s more expressive and imaginative, and Taja’s classes are one of the only handful of activities which he never says no to. He even drops his screen time to attend. He loves Taja, and really enjoys the time spend there.
I would recommend these to anyone who would like their kids to get out of their shell, meet peers of their age, get their energy out, and be part of super fun group.

Aneta, Parent

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