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What We Do

Our main ethos is Empowering young people to become more powerful. 


We believe that every child deserves to be the best version of themselves. We do this by not  only making lessons fun, but by giving young people the tools to accomplish every day tasks through drama, music and movement. 

A survey published by NHS Digital found that 'one in six children in England had a probable mental disorder in 2021'. At Empower, we make it our priority that our students wellbeing and happiness is at the forefront of everything that we do. Our lessons enable young people to learn and express themselves in an enjoyable and nurturing way. Children do not even realise that they are learning something new and before you know it, they are using what they have learnt in class, in everyday life. 

Our classes are led weekly during term time, we also lead classes and workshops during the school holidays for young people and families; this could be yoga, dance, singing, wellbeing workshops and so much more. 

Our classes help children to:

  • Build their confidence

  • Ignite their imagination

  • Improve their speech, language and communication skills

  • Have a head start in school

  • Build resilience, discipline and social skills

  • Learn through play 

What Makes Us Different

  • We are a diverse and an inclusive theatre company

  • Our main focus is on children's development and wellbeing, rather than how to be a 'star' or a 'perfect performer'

  • Our classes are small, so every child gets our individual attention

  • There is no audition process for our shows, so everyone gets the chance to shine

  • Our shows are created and devised by the children themselves with ongoing support and resources by our teachers

  • All our lesson plans are unique and originated by us 


My daughter is really enjoying the sessions. It's fun, the teacher Taja is great. They learn how to express themselves by acting and it is definitely a boost for their confidence. She loves it!

Arwa, Parent 

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