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Tiny Tigers (Ages 18months-2.5 years)

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Tiny Tigers  is our Drama and Discovery class for preschoolers aged 18 months-2.5 years. We introduce our little ones to the world of drama by going on a NEW adventure every week, so your child will always be learning something new. We use music, movement, props, instruments and of course bubbles! Our main focus is on imagination and role play. We begin our classes with a hello song and end with a small meditation cool down and a goodbye song every week; so that the youngsters are familiar, are able to sing along and cool down after a jam packed session.

Our classes are 40 minutes long. 

Mini Lions (Ages 2.5-4 years)

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Mini Lions  is our Drama and Imaginative play class for preschoolers aged 2.5 - 4 years. We empower youngsters to use their imaginations by transporting them to another world of adventures through the use of interactive story, song and improvisation. During our classes we use role play, music, dancing, singing and have lots of fun! Each week there is a different world to explore using creative problem solving.

Whilst our classes have lots of child-led elements, they still follow a structure so that youngsters feel comfortable and relaxed. The emphasis of Mini Lions is on imagination rather than performance. Each session is action packed and carefully crafted to empower your little ones confidence, creativity, physicality and co-operation.

We begin our classes with a hello song and end with a small meditation cool down and a goodbye song every week, so that the youngsters are familiar, are able to sing along and cool down after a jam packed session.

All our preschool classes compliment the EYFS curricular.

Our classes are 40 minutes long. 

During our preschool classes, we encourage parents to get involved with their children as we believe that the children get the most out of the session this way. It's also a great time for parent and child bonding. 

Super Bears (4-7 years)

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Super Bears is our introductory youth theatre programme for ages 4-7 years. Once they start school, this is this the perfect programme for them to learn performance skills, have fun and play. 

Our lessons are more structured in this class, but the youngsters work more independently than our preschool classes. Each term there is a different theme that we explore such as Roald Dahl, fairytales or In the jungle and all our games, songs, scripted work, devising and speech relate to that theme. 

We help improve children's confidence, co-operation, concentration and build life skills through the use of devising, scripted work, speech, storytelling and movement. 

Every summer term, our students work towards a performance to be shown to their family and friends. 

Star of the week & child's progress:

Every week, one Empower student is awarded Star of the Week.   The Star of the Week will be chosen based on their work in the session.  It may be awarded for excellent speech, characterisation, team work, ad-lib work and many other reasons.  The Star of the Week is to encourage all children to perform to the best of their abilities in all the sections of the class and to reward the children for their hard work that week.  The Star of the Week will receive a certificate that is theirs to keep as well as Super Bear and his Scrap Book.  The Star of the Week gets to take Super Bear and his scrap book home for the week, until the next session.  The scrap book can be used to record/document adventures with Super Bear - this could be drawings, stories, photos, words or anything else you would like to include.

Our students wellbeing is at the fore front of everything that we do. We want our members to excel and so at the end of every half term, parents will receive written feedback about how their child has been during the sessions. If needed, children will also receive a resource pack with imaginative activities and creative learning for them to do in their own time at home. Parents can get in contact at any time if they have any further questions. 

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Nathan had a great time at Taja's session today! Taja was friendly and welcoming and helped Nathan's imagination grow. Even though he spent most of the class as a lion, he was included throughout thanks to Taja's quick thinking.

Bhavnita, Parent

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