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Easter Camp Extravaganza

From 3rd-6th April, we ran our first ever Easter Holiday Camp which was completely sold out! We were funded by HAF providers again to provide enriching activities for children ages 4-10 years living in Ealing Borough and a few paid spaces for children who were not eligible for funding.

Children took part in singing, drama, dance and arts and crafts to create a mini showcase for an invited audience on the last day. With a fun Easter egg hunt also!

Here were some feedback by parents:

"A wonderful drama school with very hard working staff especially Taja the best drama teacher my daughter have ever had, she is such a lovely teacher who will do everything she can to make my daughter learn in a happy and safe environment". Dina, Parent
"Thank you Taja and team! Our daughter really loved coming to the camp! Lovely pics xx" . Dimple, parent
"The only thing I have to say about everything you have done for my daughter in the past few days is to draw joy, happiness and excitement on her face. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who contributed to this. Thank you, Empower Arts". Rihab parent

The children were split into 5 groups, putting together a story about a young child named Charlie who was very shy and didn't have many friends. Charlie and their classmates went on an Easter Egg hunt, where a bunny appeared and gave Charlie a special easter egg which gave him/her lots of confidence. The child was able to sing and make lots of new friends. However, towards the end of the story, Charlie lost his/her egg and panicked. The classmates reassured him/her that the egg didn't have any special powers to make them confident, Charlie was already confident on their own.

The performance had a lovely moral, reminding children that we are all unique and special in our own way, we just need to look within.

The children performed an amazing dance routine by Pinnacle Performing Arts and sang Hakuna Matata by Molly Green - an incredible singing teacher.

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