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Celebrating Mother's Day with Meaningful Activities

  1. Class or Workshop: Join a cooking class together and learn how to prepare a new dish. Whether it's a cuisine you've never tried before or a favourite family recipe, the experience of creating something delicious together can be both fun and rewarding.

2. Spa Day at Home: Transform your home into a spa retreat and pamper your mum with a relaxing day. Set up a DIY spa with scented candles, soothing music, and homemade face masks. Treat her to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation.

3. Family Photo Shoot: Capture the love and joy of your family with a professional photo shoot. Choose a picturesque location and spend the day posing for pictures that will serve as timeless mementos of your special bond.

4. Memory Jar: Create a memory jar together. Each family member can write down their favourite memories with mum on colourful notes and place them in the jar. It's a heartwarming way to reminisce about the good times and express gratitude.

5. Art and Craft Session: Get creative with an art and craft session. Whether it's painting, pottery, or making handmade cards, expressing your artistic side can be a wonderful way to bond and create unique keepsakes.

Remember, Mother's Day is not just about the gifts but about the time and love you share. Choose activities that align with your mum's interests and preferences, and most importantly, cherish the moments together.

This week we will be celebrating Mother's Day with Bring Your Mum To Drama Day! Mother's and guardians have been invited to take part in their child's drama classes which is a great way for child-parent bonding time and to see first hand all the fun and learning that the children do in class. If you would like to join our workshop with your child book a class or get in touch today 0775909217 |


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